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Celeriac Soup

Simple celeriac soup

It’s no secret that winter is the perfect time to rug up, slow down and gorge on filling and nutritious soups. Part of the reason that I like winter is for the different foods it beckons. Although western societies have become accustomed to eating out of season, with greater access to all fruits and vegetables […]

Banana, Macadamia and Date Vegan Muffins

Forgiveness and Muffins

I’ve been avoiding the kitchen for some time now, mainly because it’s so damn cold in our house (we don’t have heating and the only room we bother to heat with a portable heater is the lounge room). I’ve also lacked motivation, perhaps because it’s winter, or perhaps because our new home is getting closer […]

Bionade bottles

Bionade – Organic Soda

Long before Easter I was contacted by Bionade Australia about their organic and healthier version of soda, a product that has long been available in Germany but has only just recently come to Australia. When I first received the email I was hesitant; I don’t actually drink soft drink/soda except for sparkling water and ginger beer […]