Pomegranate breakfast muffins (vegan & GF)

Pomegranates are one of those ‘old’ fruits I was only introduced to this time last year. On the road to my parents house there is a wonderful old pomegranate tree, in the middle of a field not 20 metres away from the main road. Last year mum and I were driving along and the tree caught our eye, or more so the ruby red fruit did. There’s no house on this block, nor anywhere nearby, but being local as we were we knew the neighbouring property owners and wondered if this was their tree too. After some investigation we discovered the tree used to sit alongside a big old house that has since been bulldozed and the block is actually owned by a mining company along with a nearby quarry.
We continued to drive past the tree and the fruit continued to ripen, split and drop to the ground until one day we decided to pull over, jump the fence and grab as many as we could, as quickly as we could – lest a quarry truck drive past and see us. That was my first encounter with these beautiful jeweled fruits and suffice to say, I’m hooked.

As soon as I noticed the red fruits shining in the sun light again this year I knew what I had to do.
I’m an honest gal but I hate to see good fresh food go to waste. So, I waited until dusk and yet again did the mad ‘dash and grab’ pomegranate run.

I’ve mostly been using the pomegranates in salad but I’ve also been wanting to give gluten free muffins a go, after reading a post on ‘Gluten Free Girl’s‘ blog.

I made a bulk batch of GF flour mix, as per Shauna’s suggestion, with buckwheat, quinoa and besan (chickpea) flours to make up the first 700g, then white rice flour and tapioca to make up the 300g of starch. 

I also just recently got my hands on a bottle of pomegranate molasses, which like regular molasses has been strikingly hard to find in Adelaide. I figured the juice would make a nice replacement for refined sugar or honey and decided to test a vegan, gluten free breakfast muffin. After all, it makes me feel that bit less guilty about dressing my breakfast fruit as cake instead of it’s natural raw outfit.

NB: For hints on how to open a pomegranate to enjoy the beautiful jewel fruit (seeds) inside, check out this blog post by Teresa Cutter at The Healthy Chef.


  1. I recommend you do try using them in baking Celesta and Christina – It’s like a burst of flavour in your mouth when you get one in your bite of a soft muffin, love the texture :)

  2. I love pomegranates and would be keen to try them in a breakfast muffin. I have one sitting on my kitchen bench at the moment – I’m going to use it either in a jelly or salad tomorrow :)

  3. Gosh, that does sound yum. I’ve fallen in love with using promegranate seeds in salads and as yoghurt topping. Will have to see about using them in baking!

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